Newsletter Summer 5784

כה סיון תשפד

Newsletter Summer  5784

The New Zman

The Yeshiva is currently learning (בבא מציעא, פרק איזהו נשך) and the פתיחה was given by the Rosh HaYeshiva שליט"א.  See here for more information

New developments

The Rosh HaYeshiva שליט"א has produced a קונטרס on השוכר את האומנים and השוכר את הפועלים to assist the Bochurim in their לימוד of these פרקים during evening and שבת סדרים.

As mentioned previously, the Yeshiva excelled at their recent Home Office inspection. Associated with that we were delighted to learn that the Yeshiva received an increased allocation of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies licenses for the UK Visas & Immigration which will enable more of our foreign Talmidim to obtain visas. 

The Alumni has contributed to the cost of many capital items - among them the installation of a lift/elevator. Structural engineers have completed their specs work  and have now started on  the נביאים cupboard, which has been repositioned to be integrated within the shelving of the English Gemach Library.

A day of learning in London

On Wednesday, 5th June 24, Reb Eliyohu Gurwicz שליט"א travelled to London to address the attendees at the London Chad Yoma event.

Cleaning and Refurbishments

Extensive cleaning and refurbishment were carried out on the entire Yeshiva campus, we were able to have the whole facility ready in time for the new zman. This included making provisional arrangements for the approximately 35 new Bochurim who will בס"ד join us in early תמוז.

Other noteworthy updates include:

- A hydraulic lift was hired to clear all the gutters and wash high-level windows.

- New lighting was installed on the Bewick Road staircase.

- Over twenty bedrooms and kitchen areas were extensively decorated.

- Industrial steam cleaning of all bakery equipment and external masonry.

- The new ארון הקודש was thoroughly polished from its apex to its base.

- New mini speakers were installed behind the Hanholo benches in the בית המדרש.


An anonymous benefactor helped the Yeshiva to acquire  a high-spec oven that facilitates multi modes of cooking.  This extremely large unit necessitated the implementation of substantial alterations to the building structure around the entrance of the kitchen, in order to allow the oven’s optimal positioning.


Shavuos was celebrated at the Yeshiva with all-night learning during the first night of Yom Tov, followed by davening, with שמונה עשרה at הנץ החמה.  The dining room tables were laid with elegance, and the delectable menus for all Yom Tov meals were much enjoyed by all. The Yeshiva arranged extra staffing to accommodate the round-the-clock requirements.

Towards the end of Yom Tov, there was a most beautiful מסיבה for the בני הישיבה, with the Rabbonei Hayeshiva שליט"א in attendance.  The Rosh Hayeshiva שליט"א, Horav Chaim Ozer שליט"א, and the Mashgiach שליט"א, addressed the Yeshiva.  Yitzchok Aryeh Emanuel נ"י spoke on behalf of the בני הישיבה.  Motzoei Yom Tov brought with it a lively רקידה, that was joined by some members of the Hanholoh שליט"א.

Mrs Leah Reichmann ע"ה

Following the recent פטירה of Mrs Leah Reichmann ע"ה in Toronto, Family Reichmann, long-standing friends of the Yeshiva, arranged with the Chevrei Hanholoh that ש"ס משניות should be completed in the Yeshiva before the shloshim, לזכר ולעילוי נשמת Mrs Reichmann ע"ה.  Her late husband, R’ Moshe ע"ה, and להבדיל בין חיים לחיים, her son R’ Yechezkel שליט"א, were both Talmidim at Gateshead Yeshiva, and cherished this status.


Yemei Limmud

Finally, plans for our 4th annual Yemei Limmud at the Yeshiva are well advanced. Please reserve 28-29 July (22nd-23rd Tamuz) - and register here.




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