Yemei Limmud 2

יא תמוז תשפב

Yemei Limmud 2

The Yeshiva had the privilege to host ‘Yemei Limmud 2’ on 25/26 Tammuz , now an annual two day return to Yeshiva routine for 100+ alumni and friends. 
The programme of shiurim, sedorim, shmuessen and learning emulated Yemei Limmud 1. A highlight was the early Monday morning Shiur delivered by Horav Reb Ezriel Rosenbaum א"שליט in the Dining Room, his first return since his recent incapacitation. All the
guests and the הישיבה בני ,joined by local wellwishers, celebrated the moment and eagerly absorbed his Shiur in הלכה and אגדה. He prefaced the Shiur with words of thanks to ה"הקב and to all those that have davened for him.

The event worked in parallel with the Yeshiva and their limmud of the sugya of ‘שרטוט ‘in גיטין מסכת. It benefited from a top-quality Kuntres and מקומות מראה prepared by Machon Shivti of BMG in Lakewood.
At the Sunday evening meal, the attendees were warmly greeted by Harav Benzion Fierstone. All the lomdim were able to spend time and reconnect with the Rabbonei HaYeshiva. Thanks for all the delicious meals are due to Mr Efraim Serfaty, the Yeshiva catering manager, beautifully
presented in the Bewick Centre Function Suite, by the community Ladies guild. 

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